‘About Eastern Eye Arts, Culture and Theatre Awards (ACTA)’

Beginnings and why…

Around two years ago, there was a feeling among senior executives and journalists at the Asian Media & Marketing Group (AMG) that as an organisation, we should and could be doing more to promote Asian involvement in the arts.

This came not long after respected and veteran TV personality Sir Lenny Henry demanded change - drawing attention to the fact that so little of our TV or film accurately reflected the reality we see around us day in, day out, of a multi-ethnic Britain.

He called on broadcasters and filmmakers to change this and the campaign has enjoyed some success, spawning and inspiring initiatives such as the British Film Institute’s Diversity Standards (which seeks to influence change through the allocation of lottery funding for film projects that meets its diversity standards) and Act for Change (a charity created to encourage content creators to reflect diversity) and many other initiatives, large and small.

Into this mix, AMG hosted the very first Eastern Eye Arts, Culture and Theatre Awards last year on May 22 2016 in the Royal Festival Hall at the Southbank Centre in London (video link), and as part of its Alchemy Festival, the largest multi-arts festival of its kinds focusing on South Asia.

It proved a huge success – and many prominent figures such as Meera Syal and pop super emo Naughty Boy (aka Shahid Khan) welcomed it and pledged their support for the ACTAs.

Ed Vaizey, minister of state for culture and the digital economy, at the time, also delivered a keynote speech at the ACTAs, welcoming them and recognising its importance to the wider community.

The 2017 edition of the #EEACTA will be bigger and better and have will have more of a public profile than it did last year.

It will be promoted through AMG’s range of consumer and business-to-business titles and will be supported by commercial sponsorship.

If you want to know more about the business opportunities or the organisation of the event, contact Minaxi Mistry at minaxi.mistry@amg.biz or Irina Danilova at irina.danilova@amg.biz

For sponsorship opportunities, to nominate an individual for an award or to book tickets please contact:

Minaxi Mistry
Events Manager
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Irina Danilova Events Manager
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