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Sunday 22nd May 2016
Royal Festival Hall

About ACTA

The Eastern Eye Arts, Culture & Theatre Awards is a brand new event which will take place in May 2016 to celebrate and recognise talent who have contributed to the arts and culture sector from Britain’s South Asian communities.

Created by the Asian Media & Marketing Group (AMG), publishers of Eastern Eye our awards will recognise exceptional achievement in a wide range of fields, including literature, film, television, theatre, poetry, music, photography, dance and the visual arts.

AMG believes that diversity in arts and culture enriches people’s lives and helps build a stronger and a more cohesive multi-cultural Britain. It is estimated that the creative sector is worth £76.9 billion to the UK economy, according to statistics published by the Department of Culture Media and Sports in 2015.

South Asian arts and culture have become an integral part of British society for over a hundred years with Asian playwrights, performers, musicians, and dancer often collaborating with mainstream artists. A good example is sculptor Sir Anish Kapoor, who is now an international figure who won the Turner Prize, represented Britain at the Venice Biennale and whose design will figure in the new British passport. Gurinder Chadha’s Bend It Like Beckham, both the film and the musical, is seen as a celebration of British culture. Zayn Malik, formerly of the band One Direction, one of many singers who has wide appeal in Britain. Dev Patel a Harrow boy who found global fame after acting in the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire. In the field of literature, the best of Indian writing in English has often been nurtured in the UK.

According to Sir Peter Bazalgette, chairman of the Arts Council of England, arts and culture have a “civilising effect” on society and can be used to boost the nation’s health. That explains why the government is making more of an effort to ensure that mainstream arts organisations do more to be truly reflective of an evolving multicultural society.

When appointed culture secretary in 2014, Sajid Javid said in his very first speech: “I believe that culture is for everyone, and when I say everyone,” he emphasised, “I really do mean everyone.” To be part of this event give us a call to learn more.